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Search Engine Optimization Services - Detail

Chicago Creative Design works with your business to increase the effectiveness of your website by attracting search engine visitors interested in the services or products your company offers.

With Chicago Creative Design, popular search terms relating to your business are incorporated throughout the text of your pages. Additional coding, not typically visible to your website visitors but visible to the search engine programs, is also optimized to both best represent your company and increase your site's relevancy rankings with popular search tools such as Yahoo! and Google. Chicago Creative Design also uses the Google Sitemaps program, and other server data files, to help your site be indexed properly by Google and other search providers. Chicago Creative Design can honestly say we are more diligent about Search Engine Optimization or SEO than 99.9999% of all other design firms working today. Visit our Website Portfolio today and use the search boxes to see true, real-time testimonials as to the effectiveness of our techniques. Chicago Creative Design does NOT engage in “Black Hat“, or underhanded techniques that can get a site banned from search results. We have some clients that have been in the same first page results for over two years! You will also notice, that unlike many of our competitors, all the links on our portfolio page to client sites actually work, and will take you to live, working websites. We specialize in websites that are more than just a fancy picture. Our websites yield real marketing results that you can take to the bank. For more information, Contact Us Today or call our Senior Programmer directly at 313-670-3196 for more info and demonstrations.

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What we need

A few minutes of your time to learn more about your business, and your business classification. What are some of the “hot words” or “buzzwords” of your industry? What is the primary focus of your company? What is your secondary focus? What part of your business are you most interested in promoting via your website and search engine optimization?

Most websites automatically keep logs of traffic coming to the site inculding such details as what pages people are directed to first (i.e.: the pages coming up tops in the search engine listings), what search terms people are actually using to get to your site, and a lot more useful information. We combine this information with research and polling of search engine information and make decisions regarding which pages are most effective, what wording to incorporate into your pages, or what popular products or services would be best emphasized or even having their own page at your site.

To serve your business, Chicago Creative Design would require access to your server logs, and to edit or create pages on your site. The current design and layout of your site can be maintained. You may find out how to do this by contacting your web hosting provider or your current webmaster.

Other Considerations

Consider a MicroSite. Your current site may be very useful as a catalog of products or an overview of your company. Perhaps there is a specific service area or product line that you are introducing or would like to increase your market share. Let Chicago Creative Design create a site dedicated to one particular aspect of your business, with its own domain name (relevant to this particular product or service), and optimized to its own particular keywords and search terms.

Consider a custom tracking solution. Standard server logs are rather terse and difficult to interpret without the help of a program like the ones used by Chicago Creative Design. If your server supports Perl (pages with .pl or .cgi extensions), PHP (pages with .php extension), or Active Server Pages (pages with .asp extension), Chicago Creative Design can create an online page that will interpret and display your web log information in a convenient and easily readable format. If you use a pay per click scheme (PPC), our traffic tracking will help you audit the clicks you are really getting.

Consider adding features and rich media content to your website. Opt-in Newsletters, contact forms, news feeds from your company that your customers can subscribe to, and other features can enhance the effectiveness of your site and serve as invaluable marketing tools.

Based in Chicago, Serving the World via WWW

Chicago Creative Design specializes in small business web site design, small business web site development, and small business web site hosting. Our websites include built-in internet marketing features and custom CMS solutions. Our rates are affordable. Improve the effectiveness of your current advertising with our print and web design related services, or establish an effective, new presence online and in print. Explore our site to learn more about our services and achievements or Contact us today. Initial consultations are absolutely free.

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